Calculators, Tools and Forms

 Design Aids        
 Slope Ratios Angles    Pipe flow depth and velocity    Trap Channel Design Manning  
 ADS Detention design worksheet    UD Channels v1.04    UD Detention 2.2  
 ADS Retention design worksheet    UD Culvert v2.00c   UD-Inlet_v2 14c.xls  
 Slotted Drain Spreadsheet    UD Rational v1.02a    Stage discharge for risers  
 Easement Widths    Time of Concentration Basins    Plan Review Calcs  
 Cost Estimators        
   BMP-REALCOST v1.0    BMP-REALCOSTManual V1.0      
 Sediment Calculators          
 Temporary Sediment Trap Stage    Particle settling velocity
non log
   Sediment storage USLE  
 Eroded Particle Size Dist    Rock Check Stage Flow      
 Forms & Agreements          
 NOI Interactive Mapping Tool    Pond_Maintenance Agreement    NOI Form PDF