Hotline number and online submittals

To call in a problem to the Road and Drainage Hot Line dial :


Only Rain in the Drain - Report Illegal Non-stormwater Discharges


To report hazardous chemical spills, oil spills, or fish kills, contact SC DHEC Emergency Response at 1-888-481-0125.

Service Request Form

The caller’s name, address, phone number, and drainage concern is entered into the Hotline system. The caller will be contacted within 2-business days to schedule an on-site inspection and assess the nature of the problem. A written report is prepared and appropriate action is taken to address the reported problem.

As-built Plan Request Form

As-built plans document infrastructure for completed projects and act as a snapshot of what infrastructure is on the ground. This plan shows how your system works, legal responsibilities and jurisdictions.

Contact Your District Project Manager

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