Hotline number and online submittals

To call in a problem to the Road and Drainage Hot Line dial :


To report hazardous chemical spills, oil spills, or fish kills, contact SC DHEC Emergency Response at 1-888-481-0125.

Service Request Form

 The caller’s name, address, phone number, and drainage concern is entered into the Hotline system. The caller will be contacted within 2-business days to schedule an on-site inspection and assess the nature of the problem. A written report is prepared and appropriate action is taken to address the reported problem. 

Encroachment Permit Form 

The Horry County Storm Water Department reviews such requests individually and, upon approval, issues an encroachment permit for the placement of items within the County's outfall easement. Encroachment permits are issued at no charge by the Storm Water Department.

If you have trouble displaying the form online, we will be happy to mail a copy OR you can stop by the Storm Water Department to pick one up. 

For an update on your encroachment status, you can contact your reviewer by clicking here.

Mosquito No-spray or Notification Form

This form is a multi purpose form for those who wish to be put on a no-spray list for the purpose of protecting thier bee hive population, crops in an organic farm or those who have medical reasons for avoiding mosquito spraying.

Contact Your District Project Manager

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