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How to make a rain barrel

Rainwater stored in rain barrels has many uses. Some people find it mostly useful for watering their landscapes and gardens.

If you’re harvesting rainwater with rain barrels to use for watering your landscaping, the rainwater can help to improve the health of your gardens, lawns, and trees. Rain is a naturally soft water and devoid of minerals, chlorine, fluoride, and other chemicals. For this reason, plants respond very well to rainwater. After all, it’s what plants in the wild thrive on! Also,  This extra water can have a significant impact on your water bill.

How to identify wetlands

Wetlands help regulate the quantity of water moving through a watershed by retaining water during wet periods and releasing it during dry periods. A watershed may have a few large wetlands, many smaller ones, or any combination that provides the necessary storage capacity. All wetlands, small or large, are essential to the proper functioning of a watershed. Your wetland, however small, is valuable both for its own intrinsic merits and for its contributions to your watershed.

How to install french drains for yard drainage

When houses are located in low-lying or flat areas, homeowners might need to install some type of lawn drainage to prevent flooding, standing water and damage to the home’s foundation. There are many types of lawn drainage systems, and many houses already have built-in systems. If the house doesn’t have a natural method of removing water from the yard, such as drainage slopes or drainage ditches, the homeowner might consider installing French drains, channel drains, or an underground drainage system.


How to install a rain garden

With the go green mantra spreading in every nook and corner of the world, it is the moment to bring a revolution even in our homes. Rain gardens are the excellent options for making a difference in water quality in our communities. Homeowners in many parts of the country are catching on to rain gardens – land-scaped areas planted to wild flowers and other native vegetation that soak up rain water, mainly from the roof of a house or other building. The rain garden fills with a few inches of water after a storm and the water slowly filters into the ground rather than running off to a storm drain


How to install pervious pavers for
driveways and patios for drainage 

Using pervious pavers, pavement or material for patios, walkways, driveways and parking areas allows rainwater to soak into the ground before it becomes polluted stormwater runoff and flows into sewers and storm drains. Result: healthier urban waterways.

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