Mosquito Spray Update:
Aerial spraying will be conducted, weather permitting, during early evening hours of  the week of July 28-31 in the following areas: Loris, Socastee. The interactive map to the left shows the target spray area outlined in red. Ground spraying is conducted as needed from 7 -11 PM Monday to Thursday.

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Educational Videos

Video education on various mosquito species and thier cycles and impacts.

Mosquito Control In Your Back Yard

Ways you can recapture your living space.

Beekeepers, Organic Famers and
Special Needs No-sprays

Beehive mapping, Organic Farmers, and registration and information for who
may be sensitive to the chemicals for the purpose of Courtesy No-sprays.  


Chemical Application Information

Safety information, and how and how often it is applied

  Helpful Links for Mosquito Control

Links to professional organizations, public health information, and information about mosquitoes