Only Rain in the Drain!

What is an Illegal Non-stormwater Discharge?

An illegal non-stormwater discharge is a discharge into the storm sewer system (e.g. storm drains, ditches, ponds) that is not entirely composed of stormwater. Storm drains do not lead to the wastewater treatment plant, so any pollutant that goes into the storm sewer system will ultimately end up in our nearby waterways.

Types of Illegal Non-stormwater Discharges

Common illegal discharges to storm drains, ditches or ponds include:
  • Toxic chemicals
  • Oil/gas/automotive fluids
  • Solvents/degreasers
  • Construction site sediment
  • Failing septic system or leaking sewer
  • Washing machine direct discharge
  • Cooking grease
  • Leaking trash dumpster
  • Trash/yard debris dumping
  • Paint
  • Construction waste (plaster, concrete, etc.)
  • Pet waste
  • Detergents/soaps except individual residential car washing
  • Pesticides/fertilizers
Who to Call if You See an Illegal Non-stormwater Discharge?

If the discharge is a life-threatening emergency, such as a large gasoline or caustic chemical spill,
CALL 911.

If the discharge is a large gasoline or sewage spill in a navigable waterway (e.g. river, intracoastal waterway, ocean), contact the US Coast Guard Station Georgetown at (843) 546-2742.

To report hazardous chemical spills, oil spills, or fish kills, contact SC DHEC Emergency Response at 1-888-481-0125. 

To report all other non-stormwater discharges, submit a Service Request online or call the Horry County Road and Drainage Hotline at 843-381-8000.